Really amazing work! Love it ;)
Vina Galetto(non-registered)
I got linked through Harold Cross looking at his painting with light techniques. WOW. The jewelry shots have so much character and the backgrounds you use really complement the jewelry. Do you paint with light or just know how to use beautiful studio lighting?
Do you do any tutorials? One guest mentioned video and class. I better take a look at those.
Elyse Clark(non-registered)
Wow! I am so impressed with your photography, just amazed at how wonderful each photograph is. Just great!
Robert T. Holloway(non-registered)
beautiful, flawless photography after viewing your photos really puts me in check on how much more I have to learn. Video is great and look to take your class one day. Thanks for the help and input on my photos.
Bonnie Lawson(non-registered)
Such interesting and contemporary jewelry. Your pictures are clear, precise and beautiful.
Anne Bove(non-registered)
Fabulous photos.
Dan E. Jones(non-registered)
Good variety of subjects. You capture the best of our world. I grew up in Stow, Ohio so the Ohio pictures were meaningful to me. I wish you well in your venture.
Ginger Gathings(non-registered)
Your photographs are beautiful!
Kathy Czajkowski(non-registered)
Jim, Thanks for using my tile necklace during the class at Beadfest. You made it look even more elegant. Can't wait to try all the things I learned in your advanced class.
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